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Hi Susan, guess the word "issue" came out wrong. I meant it as an "issue" not an "issuuuue". Make sense?

I have an HMO that will give me a 3 month supply of Pegasys and Copegus cheaper if I use RX via the mail. My nurse practioner didn't care for this but I promised her I would come in for my 2 week lab work (H&H) to ensure I'm not becoming anemic. She works with a gastro who studies HCV so I feel really lucky to have found her as its her specialty. She went to a conference this winter and said that the use of Procrit prior to RBC's getting too low is a new protocol so you may want to just keep that info in the back of your mind for your hubby.

I am blessed to have been diagnosed as a 2b. My last viral load was >600,000 <1,000,000 with ALT/AST in the 90's. It took me 3 years to come to this decision. That's why I love reading Neil, Wes's and your post about the day to days. I know everyone is different. Thats a given but there is a bond we share going through this that's hard to understand. Not explanable I guess.

I spent thousands of dollars doing alternative herbs and vitamins which kept me pretty stable but between me and the Man, I(He) decided now was the time. I don't always feel so good but I work in mortgages so I can't tell if its being overworked or the virus. Rates have been low for 2 years, and I've felt rough for 2 years, on and off. So I guess that proves that viral load numbers and alt/ast numbers don't count.

Wish I could come to your house this summer and lay out by the pool. Sounds like a great way to spend the day!!!

Take care,

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