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Howdy Faith-
Love that name, Positivity right there,
Hang in there girl, help your boy, but do not spoil him, us guys can get to be sissys if we get over pampered, he he [I mean OTHER guys, not me, he he].

As Dian,and MJ wise words state, it will work out, and as your hubby say's let it go, letting yourself get stressed will not help either of you, it is impossible to predict how one person will react to treatment, so only time will tell.

Remember though, my Four best medicines for treatment is
-#1 -Water-
Lots of fresh water, I drink at least three quarts a day, when I feel the flu like aches and pains, shortness of breath,or brain fog coming on, I toss back a 16 Oz bottle of water, within minutes the symtoms dissapear,and on I go, good as new.

-#2 - Fresh air,-
get outdoors-enjoy life, Hoooya, nothing better for the spirt, I try to keep as busy outdoors as I can, 90 % of the day, I forget I am even taking the Pegasys combo treatment, from what I have heard of most that take it easy all day being couch potatoes suffer big side effects,the more you are idle, the more time you have to think about side effects, so get out there, go for a walk together, good medicine for everyone.

-#3 - Positivity,
-it is said "its hard to think your objective was to drain the swamp when your up to your a$$ in aligators" but keep positive at all times, think the best of the worst, treatment was not around when the phase "the meek shall inherit the earth", at all times keep thinking -"I AM going to kick this Dragon Bugs butt back to hell where it belongs"

-#4 - Support-
Family members,spouses like some ladies here, and you good people, one medicine that overdose is recommended.

These best medicines, are almost free, except for the water, which is only pennies, but worth it.

Wishing the both of you the best,will be here for you.
Be POSITIVE, be Well +

--Get Outdoors-Enjoy Life----Neil

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