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Well Howdy all-

Sorry I did not get this out sooner, I did my shot on Mon. Night as usual, while on Fear Factor some poor girls ate 10 very large, slimy LIVE slugs, then washed it all down with a glass of bile, yummy he he,

As I injected, I of course felt nothing, watching them suffer ease's my problems, he he [Sorry]
On the topic elsewhere, of injecting, I noticed that some on Peg-intron have to draw back, while injecting, I thought it was because of the different mixture of treatment, as I can not see any difference if you do that into a fatty area, as there are no blood vessels there, that can be reached with the small needles we use, - I use the barely visible roll on my stomach, he he

All that matters to me is getting all the air out and Jab it straight in and Slowly injecting, no sore area, no bumps, no irritations.

I had to go to the big City yesterday, that is why this is on day two after my shot, Its a two hour drive just to the city, and an agonizing hour just driving in the city to the Hospital, AND it was snowing again for half that, Wholly this is the middle of April, what’s up with that. -

Anyway we had a great two hour long sit down, and discussed everything, when my wife and I first sat down, the Doc asked well how is everything?
I answered, "Well doc the ole SEX drive is way down, and the *****yness is getting out of hand" I Paused then Said, "and for the life of me, I do not know how this treatment can effect my wife that way"
Apparently when women get in a pack they lose their sense of humor, he he
And when it came time for the blood tests, the doc did them HERself, it may have been my imagination but are those needles always three inches long? he he.

We discussed their last "Leg" [group] on the Pegasys trials, very, very interesting, NOW the results from this hospital with genotype 1A,s was a encouraging 61 % of having being a Sustained Responder, ["Cured"] -That I will take, and 48 weeks of this will be insignificant for that result.

An other interesting result was a case of a person, that responded badly to the Pegasys, the only one in the group to this extent, and at only after 1 [One] week had to be discontinued, disappointed the person came back a week later for blood tests, ---And was UNDETECTED, a sustained responder- at only one week of Pegasys treatment, and is Still undetected some two years later.

She was part of the early trials from start to finish and stated that "Many" were undetected after only several weeks, long before the twelve week time frame, but mentioned some were unaffected, with one even with a higher viral count.

I guess this is a good example of the saying "You wont know unless you try it" huh, The specialist works for the Hospital, not Roche, [Pegasys], and being a Canadian Doctor, gets no "kick backs" or extras for the amount of people that start the Pegasys Program.

My talk with this experienced knowledgeable Doctor confirmed my reasons for starting and enduring treatment--HOOOOOYAA.

- Wes, happy big 32, [bet you wish that was your birthday huh, he he, you hang in there buddy.

- Jeannie, IT WILL, be a GOOD Friday, think -Hooooya

-Well I will not know on my PCR tests for several days, we do not have as many labs as our good neighbors to the South, but I was told that because of all my other tests that I am defiantly a Responder, kewl name that RESPONDER.

Its a boyd, NO--its a plane, ------Na-ah it a RESPONDER, Hooooya he he

YOU all be Positive and Be Well+

--Get Outdoors-Enjoy Life----Neil

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