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Re: Casperclaudee
Apr 18, 2003

I think Kackles would probably in a better position to comment than I. She has a lot of experience treating naturally and has been monitoring her situation for a long time. She also reports a big drop in her viral load count from natural treatments (liv-tone, etc). But I must say your AST and ALT tests are really encouraging, since normal range from AST is 0-40 and normal range for ALT is 30-65, according to my lab. I'd say that's pretty good. Course, these tests are not the end-all, but are a decent indicator of how well your liver was functioning at the time of your bloodwork.

My understanding is those tests can readily fluctuate. I think it was Kackles who posted once one of her ALT tests came back something like 101, but she said she was painting and the like (was breathing around some nasty chemicals) just prior to her test. How have your tests been coming back -- is this a substantial drop? If so, that's really good news!

I've been toying with the idea of taking liv-tone but right now I am only taking the Milk Thystle and Vit e sups to help this. I take lots of other vits/sups, but already was prior to my diagnosis. I would like to add some other items known to be beneficial, so I still have to work on that.

Hope this helps, mj. Am interested in where these numbers came in from past numbers. Please do let me know!

Kackles - can you add here?

Keep your spirits and attitude HIGH (and Happy Easter!)


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