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Hi Bob,

Yes, bone loss is reported in many liver diseases, there is even a name for it: hepatic osteodystrophy. But I am under the impression that it doesn't happen unless the liver was beyond the earliest stages of disease. That is, you are well advised to see a hepatologist and get a biopsy. You're gonna want to know whether you are in or past the earliest stages of fibrosis progression.

As I hope you have heard before now, Hep C is a slow moving disease, and there is almost certainly no hurry about most things with it. BUT, it does seem very wise to get the initial info in hand, and nothing is so valuable as a biopsy. (Oh, and a good communicative doc, yes. That was good advice. This virus has so many unknowns or partly-knowns, we want someone we can talk to about it all.)

By the way, what I've read suggests that the treatments for bone loss in hep cases are very like what is suggested for non-hep bone loss: vitamin D, (and K, for what reason I don't understand), calcium supplements and calcium rich foods like low-fat dairy and leafy veggies, resistance exercise, sometimes fossamax,and so on. Exactly what you may have heard recommended for postmenopausal women. The supplements recommnded by Kackles seem good--magnesium is good to take with calcium, for example--but you should do some of this research for yourself to see what you are most comfortable with. As you may know, tums and rolaids have also been used with some success, and they sure are cheap. And, a little goes a long way--a gram or two a day is a lot. Don't neglect your vitamins, tho!

In other words, hep-related bone loss is treated like any other bone loss--from what I've read, at any rate. I am not an expert. As I'm sure you know, there are no doctors on this board. So nothing we say or advise will substiture for you getting a gastroenterologist or hepatologist you can trust.

Please keep us posted as you learn more.



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