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For the non-respounders, their thoughts maybe a scam, for the responders, and I know of many, a god send, many virus free over three years some four now,and are considered "cured".

Kemo theropy is also NOT a cure for cancer, but is a treatment and has "cured" many, if they were to/or had waited for a better user freindly treatment, nothing but their memory would be with us.

Like the "cure for cancer, you can wait for the cure, that with all the years and billions of dollars, and is always maybe just around the corner,or endure the not so user freindly treatrments, and have up to a sixty one percent chance of responding to the new improved treatments.

I suspect your freinds endured the older straight interferon treatments that were much harsher and not as effective as say the newer improved Pegasys or Pegetron treatments.

I just spent three hecktic, sixteen hour days at a sports show, this weekend and today at Shot #14, with the Pegasys Ribavirin [Strongest dose, 180 Pegasys, 1200 Ribavirin]
and I still would challange anyone to 12 mile hike up and down a mountain, I feel great,charged.

Many go into these treatments around the gold fifty year old mark,[myself 47 yrs] but are in horrendis shape, and could not even walk around the block, but expect to tolerate the treatment, I know of people actually smoking all though treatment, these people should not complain about breathing problems from treatment, and/or end results.

There are many factors that determine end results and sides during treatment, and everyone reacts a little different because of past history, dealing with physical, mental health and even Race, sure its a money making adventure for the manufactures of these treatments, you think if their is a cure for cancer or Aids it will be free?

Many that test negitive after treatment,and yes again test positive at a later date, do so for two reasons, one is that in some all the virus was not eliminated, the other, is many still are subjected to high risk lifstyles,even drinking alcohol, the latter, probebly more the case then most admmit.

HCVSD, your right, the protocol, of present treatments is a PCR test at three months, if you are not responding, treatment is ceased,- not only a money thing, but a health issue, as you say why carry on with your sides if you are not a responder, I would request a PCR, if your Doc will not do it, find one that will.

Just my thoghts and imput.
Be Positive, be well,+

--Get Outdoors-Enjoy Life----Neil

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