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I,m in week 9 of pegintron and rebetol, I have had blood in my urine @ 3 weeks was on 2 seperate antibiotics for 2 weeks and that cleared up. Now in week 9 I have an infection in my mouth, along with re-occuring canker sores. so now I'm again on antibiotics this is the third time. I have the basic sides fever, anmeia, and weight loss, but these infections are a bit#$. I have two friends that gone through the treatment and a year later they have tested positive again, Im starting to think this is just a phamacidical scam! People test negative then 6-12 months later there positive. My goal if anything is just to slow it down since i'm Genotype 1a, but i'm tired of misleading information, my DR doesn't want to do a viral load at three months because the insurance may stop treatment if Im not responding, Im approved for 6 months but why stay on if I'm not responding at 3, so the drug company makes $12,000 more for nothing?

Those sores are painful. When my Mom was on chemo she had those everywhere but her mouth was the worst. Unfortunately when treatment ATTACKS EVERYTHING even the "good" germs we need in order to keep our mouth "clean" when those "good germs" are attacked it leads the way for mouth sores.

Sounds like you're under a doctor's care so they've obviously done SOME blood work. Perhaps they didn't take into consideration the red AND white blood cell count. Have that checked also as there are drugs you can take for it. There is also some topical things you can put on it while eating.

Sorry to hear about your 2 friends. I'm hearing half and half...some people are reoccuring and some people have been completely free for years. You just do what right is for you. I would never try to talk someone into doing treatment, not doing treatment, quitting treatment or continuing treatment. For my husband, he decided he would try it the 6 months (Geno2), give it his ALL and then if it goes away--great, if it doesn't-----well, at least he tried.
Take Care,
Hi there, I read on another board about yogurt helping with sores in the mouth, so I started eating the yogurt, the one with active cultures, every day and so far no sores in the mouth. I can't honestly say if it is because of the yogurt or if I just have been blessed with no sores. Keep the faith everyone

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