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Happy Mothers Day AValon,
You doc is right...I have asked the question to a couple of doc's at moderated forums about how long progression takes..and they don't know...All that they will say is that it takes 25 to 30 years to get to cirrhosis. I suppose if they did biopsy's on people who choose not to do tx every three years and stopped drinking or doing drugs, they could get some data...but it's just unknown. It is a very wise decision to stop drinking. Alcohol can speed up the progression of the disease. Well...I wish you the best in deciding what to do. Whatever you one will discourage you. It's not an easy decision. You are at very early stages of liver damage...and if you choose to wait until your next liver biopsy to decide, let me say that all I have ever heard is that hcv progression is very slow.

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