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Howdy Hooooya all-

Big Shot # 16, one-third down, Hooooya, if the other two thirds come and go as fast as this third, I can do this standing on my head, "tippy toe threw the tulips.

This second third will go very fast being summer because I will have a million things I want to do, also yard work, etc is always constant, and makes time go fast, wholly crap my yard, where I cut the grass is five acres, takes about five hours with a 42 inch riding lawn mower, ahh but its worth it, it looks great.

Did my shot last night while on Fear Factor, three guys drank live worms and transferred live Hissing cockroaches, worms and dead whole rats into buckets all with their mouths, he he.

But that was the season finale, there is reruns and taped shows, but now I will have to find a substitute for shot night, or maybe just use that numbing gell for injection that V-Vicky mentioned, that stuff sounds great, but naahh- not as much fun, he he

I go to the big City tomorrow, to see my specialist and the people from Roche, I had a blood test on Fri. and Mon, all is great, will give more blood tomorrow, I feel so good, I think I should be the poster boy for Pegasys, he he.

I already am preparing for end treatment, my plan is to drink as much water as can be safely done, I am going to hike as much as possible, [lots of exercise] and get lots of fresh air, and stick to my Vitamin routine, I Believe that this will speed up the process of ridding the body of the Ribavirin.

This last weekend I hiked into the river valleys, you could hear the grass growing and the leafs popping, the sun was bright, there were deer, rabbits, all kinds of critters just like me, enjoying spring, A Red Tail hawk soared with me, shrieking loudly, I felt fantastic, life was outstanding, it was a good day to be alive.

Like that fellow that cut off his arm down there, to save his life, anyone on treatment is a survivor, we will do what it takes to rid us of this virus, I see many starting, as many are reaching the end of treatment, I wish everyone desired end results.



Be positive, be well, +

--Get Outdoors-Enjoy Life----Neil

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