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hi alysha267 and a warm welcome to the board.
i've had this 20+years, i have never done treatment, thus far.but was asked to when first diagnosed in /99."i declined", felt like i never knew enough about the virus to try anything, without at least reaserching the virus first.i do keep a close eye on my alt/ast liver enzymes though. plus i take a vit-e(gel cap),1x daily, a multi-vit 1 x daily,and a liv-tone(powder capsul)with alot of ingredients in it including milk's been my experience since taking the liv-tone(capsule 2x's daily), that i believe is helping protect those everyday toxins.example before i started to take the liv-tone capsule my alt was 125(my blood work is faxed over to me, and i keep an eye on the results)my last months alt was 47!,(this was a little study i did on myself for 7 months), so the liv-tone in my oppinion is helping the liver somewhat. as the numbers speak for themselves. i feel the key thing is to help our liver help it'self, learn what we can about hep,eat healthy foods, and drink plenty of water, as we know that booze is (adding fuel to the fire)with hep!then, make our own choice in what we feel comfortable with.i hope that this helps, hope to hear from you soon.take care
keep the faith, bless you ..............mj

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