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Hi All,

Well shot #10 was Friday night. Uneventful again..I didn't:

A)Stab myself

B)Forget to swab the injection site

C)Give a TB test type injection

Yahoooo...I'm getting to be a pro! No fever, no sleepless night. He actually slept like a baby. He did go to bed at 9:30ish though.

Saturday was a big day. Got up early practiced batting with my son prior to the game at noon. Gerry said he wasn't dizzy picking up the balls this time. He did come home and have a little nap (10min) before game time. The weather was nice but he said the breeze did make his nose itchy.

He started tinkering in the garage and said he got really tired all of a sudden. He layed down on the bed and slept for 30minutes!!!! We watched a movie until 10pm and he slept all night.

This morning up early again to go dirt riding. Tried out a new area---sure didn't know it was going to be in the 80's. Gerry rode his dirtbike and said it did make him tired but not nearly like shot 4 & 5's did. He said he felt really good so we went to the park and played a little baseball. He said still no dizziness like he's been having.

Me on the other hand.....I caught my daughter's whatever-it-is and I'm miserable. I woke up Saturday and feel like I have a golf ball sitting in my throat. Took my daughter to the doctor last Thursday and they said it's just a sore throat--no antibotic. Gave me one just in case. I'd sure hate to find our it's something and give it to Gerry---it worries me!

Gerry has decided that he feels so good he's going to wait the 12week blood test until it's 11 weeks then go...instead of the 10week (which should be 12week checkup)that was insisted by the doctor.

The doctor was just really concerned about his blood count and at 10weeks it would be time to check it from last time. The doctor said that it would be OK to use that 10 week blood test for the 12 week (PCR?) checkup. Gerry says since he feels so good he'd rather give it that 1 more week for it to be accurate. Told him I was going to start calling him "DR. Gerry"

Hope everyone is doing good!

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