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Howdy folks-
Some may notice I have not been around lately as much as usual, well, my home computer had been acting up again, after a whole days work, in the shop, and it still is not ready.

NOW GET THIS, it had 48, that are FORTY-EIGHT, different virusís. Some were "Worms", starting to think
That sooner or later one of these viruses is
Going to get to me,

I had my two girls, one a teenager on it, all the viruses were received from E-mail traffic, I had an anti-Virus, but was supposed to update it, last year, no one told me that, so beware, some of these
Things have been there for over a year.

Make sure you have an anti-virus, thatís of the computer kind, he, and update it often,

Well so much for the tip of the day, I did shot # 17, thatís over one third done], last night, watching Fear factors, Best of the last three seasons, so there was a lot of gory stuff to take my mind off my shot,

It was a long weekend for us her in Canada, I have learned darn near twenty years ago, not to go camping on this may long weekend, well sure enough, it rained, it snowed, it was very windy, but yesterday it got nice, and really brought up my sprits,

Got lots done though, over the weekend, keep so busy, that I thought I was going to drop, But I see my
"GIDDY UP AND GO" building stronger as I get further into this Pegasys treatment.

Not much to report, cept I can run circles around them young pups, HOOOOYA, I feel great, In two weeks I will be going into the deep wilderness, to be a Wilderness guide, camping in harsh weather, with the bare essentials for two weeks, HOOOOYA love it, that is going to really pick me up.

Where we are going, after two days walk I saw a sign it said" This is nowhere, you are in the middle", but there is actually fresh air up there that has never been in any breathed by other humans, thatís got to be good for you,

oh ya fishing, seeing who can run fastest from the bears, its going to be great, and do not tell anyone I will be making about two hundred a day,

SORRY Jeannie, and DD, for not being here more, you know if I could, I would, be here for you, if for nothing else, just to talk.

I hope both of your adventures are positive; when my computer gets fixed, I will be here more.

Until then, everyone hang in there,
Be Positive, be well -

--Get Outdoors-Enjoy Life----Neil

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