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Re: 3 Days to go
Jun 2, 2003
Hi Cmax and welcome to the board. This is a great place for support and we come in all sizes and colors here.

Welcome to the Treatment Troops also. I just finished #7 Pegasys/Copegus and so far treatment hasn't been the horrible event I had made up in my mind. I know I am blessed but you sound like you are going into this with the right attitude and being positive about it helps tremendously.

We all experience a variety of sides and some don't have any. Mine have been minimal which consisted of a weird blister type rash on my hands and back of my knees for 2 weeks and then anemia which hasn't been severe enough to decrease my meds. So far thats it and I think by now I would see the worst of it. I praise my Lord for it too!!!

I work everyday, 10-12 hours a day and I work hard! Haven't missed any time but I won't kid you that there have been days I wanted to call in but I managed to make it in and things were alright. The anemia got me the 4th and 5th week but my body is adjusting. I pretty much do what I did before treatment but I have learned to say no when I need to take care of myself.

The great thing is I can eat anything I want and not gain a pound!!! I eat sensibly but I treat my self to chocolate and ice cream. I refuse to deprive my self. I'm from the South and if I couldn't enjoy this great cuisine I wouldn't enjoy life so much :)

I will be praying for you on Wednesday (and throughout). Be prepared as sometimes the first shot is the worst for flu like symtoms (your body is getting that first extra jolt of interferon and reacts to it like when you have the flu). Take your tylenol and hour before your shot, keep it handy with a glass of h2o at the bedside; and keep an electric blanket or extra blanket close in case you get the chills. Remember, the first is usually the worst and you do survive. By the time shot 2 rolls around, most people don't experience any sides.

Keep your water handy (a gallon a day keeps the virus at bay!) and keep your chin up!!!! I know you will do well!!!! Can't wait to hear from you!!


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