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Thanks for sharing! I HATE those dreams. They are so vivid. And I wake with this sinking feeling . . . like, "OH NO not again." Especially on treatment. I am so glad it was just a dream (nightmare). I actually went into a restaurant and order a "Non-Alcohic" drink. I stressed to the waiter that I wanted NO ALCOHOL, but that I wanted OJ, Cranberry juics, and a splash of 7-up. It is called a beachcomber, but I never ask for it that way for fear that they'll add alcohol. Anyway, when he returned with my drink I took a sip and it was potent. I almost spwed it all over the atble. I asked the guy I was with to taste it and sure enough it had alcohol in it. You can never be too careful. I hope you'll recover from that sinking feeling quickly. Although, sometimes that feeling is just the reminder I need to keep me sober. I NEVER want to feel like that again. I was a horrible black-out drinker. Bad memories or lack there of. LOL!

Take care and God bless,

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