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Acities does not always mean end stage liver failure. It can come on years before your in failure. However when your stomache gets really distended it is to late for general methods to work such as diet and stuff. The only way to get it off is by taping. I had it done a few times at the hospital but have had it done at the doctors office as well. It is a dark tea color when it comes out. Right before my transplant they would take off liters and liters of it off me. I could go to bed with a flat belly and wake up 30 pounds heavier. I sleep on my side and would always wake up with everything shifted to that side. Took about 5 minutes of walking to get it leveled out. I looked like I was 8 months pregnant most of the time. I never turned yellow at all. My periods stopped and my hair and nails stopped growing. Did not have to shave for a full year. It was the only good thing about it. LOL. In the early stages of my water retention I was able to limit my salt intake and take water pills. You have to be aware that when you take water pills especially Lasix it can cause hearing loss. It is a rare sideffect but on large doses and for a long time it does happen. A friend of mine had only taken it for about a year and she said that it sounded like crickets were chirping all the time. The one day she woke up and could not hear anything. She had a coclier implant the year after her transplant. So that is something that needs to be watched.
I have never heard of amonia levels being high enough to cause the "mental fog" as we call it. Without it being in the last stages of failure.

"Every experience God gives us, every person he puts in our lives, is the perfect preparation for the future only he can see."
End stage liver disease and liver failure are not the same.
End Stage just refers to the point you have reached that without medical intervention or a mirical by God you will go into complete liver failure. End Stage can last months years or even just days. A friend of mine her name was Kelly. She got sick out of the blue without warning. Within 2 weeks she was admited and evaluated for tranplant. It progressed so fast that within 2 days of the evalutiion she had gone into complete failure and was in the OR getting her new liver.
By the time you go into complete liver failure you have about a 12 hour window to get transplanted.
There are many stages. If your having any of those symptoms you can ask about getting evaulated. There classifications. I was a status on my 2nd transplant. Top Priority. If I did not have a new liver within 12 hours I was going to die. A friend of mine was stage 4. He waited almost 8 years for his new liver. The worse the symptoms are the higher up you go on the stages. Plus if your problems get to the point that medical intervention does not work you are moved up on the list.
I use to do volenteer work for LifeNet transplant services. My job was to sign people up as donors and answer questions people had about transplant and what has to happen to your heath to get you on the list.
If you have any symptoms like the ones described in this then get to the doctor. Now you dont need to panic but they do need to watch it so that they can watch you.
As far ascites. Your cirrhosis does not have to be progressing in order to have it. Cirrhois is not the only thing that can bring it on. There are different things that can in connection to it cause it.
I dont get this whole thing below that you are refeing to about no one having ascities in stage 1, 2, 3 or 4. Are you trying to ay that you only gett ascities when your in failure, or ESLD? If that is what your saying your wrong. Bloating is just that or swelling. It can be from walking to much to much salt intake, ect. Ascities is fluid collection mainly in your belly. It does not respond to water pills most time and you have to get it tapped. And it will reoccure.

"Every experience God gives us, every person he puts in our lives, is the perfect preparation for the future only he can see."

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