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Jeanie, There are lots of test that they can do. Some are blood and some can be more invasive. Blood est range from a full liver panel. They should do a Bilirubin, Albumin, Prothrombin Time, ALT, AST, SGPT, and a SGOT. They now have a test for Hep-C and can also tell you if you have antiboties for Autoimmune Hep and doing a A and B Hep screen should also be done. But probably the one you will get a for sure answer from is a liver biopsy. It is a little invasive and uncomfortable. But it will tell you if you have cirrhosis or not for sure. So if you have not had one done before then you can not rule out that as a problem. Basically they will insert the needle and get the sample. All you should feel is some pressure and tugging and pulling. They will have you lay on your side for 3 to 6 hours afterwards. Each doctor is different on the time. But it is basically a way to apply pressure to a wound to stop any bleeding. I would ask for them to do a ultrasound guided biopsy. That way they know where all your blood vessels are before going in.
Do you know if they have checked you for kidney problems or not? And do you have any of the risk factors for it? High blood pressure, diabetes, Glomerulonephritis, or polycystic kidney disease? Here are some of the symptoms of kidney disease. Fatigue.
Frequent headaches.
Loss of appetite (anorexia).
Sleep problems (insomnia).
Itchy skin.
Frequent urination or urinary retention.
Nausea or vomiting.
Swelling or numbness of the hands and feet.
Darkening of the skin.
Muscle cramps.

Hope this helps. If you need to talk or anything just email me. My address is up there on my profile.

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