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Hi Robyn, and welcome! My doctor told me that I had to abstain from alcohol for at least 2 years before he would retreat me for HCV. I kept thinking that after I got "cured" that I would drink again. After already coming to grip with the fact that I am an alcoholic. Only after going to AA and realizing that I should never drink again did I decide to stay abstinate no matter what (since October 99). I too, managed to quit smoking (April 01). Quitting those 2 things has improved the quality of my life! 6 weeks is a LONG time without a drink. They say in AA that "it is not what, you drink, or how often you drink, but what happens to you when you drink." Remember, that I don't even know you, but It sounds like you might be a good canidate for AA. Please, don't take offense, but denial is common for us. Only YOU can decide if you really have a problem, maybe attend some meetings and see if you can relate to any of the stories. Life can still be fun without alcohol. I am living proof. In fact, I enjoy life more now than I ever have. I occassionally see a couple of my old friends, or go into a bar. I find that the drinking just turns me off now. I can see where it controlled me . . . I never controlled it. I was really just a prisoner to the obession to drink (in order to somehow fit in). I, personally, can not think of anything "fun" that I miss about drinking. And when I smell it, it just STINKS! Good luck in whatever you decide, Robyn. I don't know if I would give away the wine collection just yet. Don't think about it as quitting forever . . .quit "just for today". If you decide you really don't want to quit (and that you have made an awful mistake), the wine will be waiting for you . . . I promise. Please, don't take offense to anything I have said. I am just offering you a perspective, from someone who has been right where you are. Thank you for sharing your plight with us. Good luck in whatever you decide!

Take care and God bless,

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