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I am sure I had Hep C since before I was 20. I was in treatment at age 20 (1989) and my liver was already in such bad shape that they couldn't put me on antibuse. Which was fine with me at the time because I was not ready to get sober. Anyway, I was giving blood plasma in 1995 and they told me I had to see the Dr. first. I was so afraid he was going to tell me I had AIDS. He informed me that they suspected that I had Hep C and that I should get checked out by a physician, but that I was never welcome to give blood again, even if I underwent treatment. I was in complete denial. I waited 3 years and in 1998 I finally went and checked it out. I started treatment, but I continued to drink and I did not respond. Now, I have finally been able to start treatment. I started 9 weeks ago. I have been sober almost 4 years now. So, I have had it 15+ years. I never even felt sick. I got it from risky behaviors. Could have been bootleg tattoos, IV drug use or Cocaine straws, sharing toothbrushes, or razors. I never considered the risks. Of course back then they weren't so highly publicized. It is funny that the cure can make you sicker than the disease sometimes. I have been lucky so far.

Take care and God bless,

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