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Hi DebSue, I think most people panic when they first learn of their diagnoses of HCV. After you've researched all you can, then it's really nothing to worry about. The biopsy is most important though, to asess any liver damage. The statistics on HCV show that about 20% of those with HCV develope cirrhosis and I think it's only 15% of those with cirrhosis that go into end stage liver disease or failure. I really think it's less than the 15% that actually die from HCV. I've known for over a year now and I've given up all my bad habits that might fuel my HCV. (I feel better now than I did before being diagnosed) I haven't started treatment yet, but that's not what's important, it's how we take control and make the right lifestyle choices...I'm a veteran too, and I'm certain I got mine from a transfusion while in a military hospital. There are veterans that may have gotten HCV from the air guns used in basic training too. It's possible you could have gotten this from your Husband. I read somewhere, that it's 3% from female to male and 10% from male to female. The CDC is the one making this into a std, but lately they've been backing off from that claim. Hope this info helps relieve some of your anxiety. Take care...


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