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PEGASYS Shot # 26
Jul 23, 2003

Howdy folks,
I did shot #26 Mon. Night, well I have been so busy, I crawl into bed Mon. after midnight, my head is asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow, I never even finished my first silent snore, when I sit straight up, I did not do my shot tonight, he he.

So I do not take my Tylenol, I take the Pegasys out of the fridge, I just wash, wipe the shot area with an alcohol pad, stick it in and shah, COLD ice cream type rush, did not let the Pegasys warm up a little,
go back to bed, thinking I probably will not even feel anyZZZZZZZZZZZ.

Whew, It was 36 Degrees C here yesterday, that is around a 100 F. and that was in the shade, ya see that is why us Canadians have to be so hardy, the weather jumps around anywhere to over minus 40 to plus forty.
It was shoot night at my outdoor archery range, so I thought, ok nobody will be as crazy as myself and shoot in this heat, so I will stay in the indoor range where its cool, hmmmph, eight crazy’s showed up, he he,
So we all shot, and had a sweating contest, in that heat I calculated you would lose a Quart of water though perspiration in only hours, like a bunch of crazy’s we shot until sundown, we had a great time.

I have been so busy, I have no time to be thinking about treatment or sides, if this Pegasys wants to hang out with me, it has to keep up, ha ha.

As most of you know I am taking nothing with this Pegasys treatment, other than Tylenol, now in this heat, most people are a "short fuse", but I remained my mellow self, so sides are almost non-existent for me, today being Wednesday, my worst day, I feel outstanding,

Thinking back to last year, I have to say I actually have more good days ON treatment, than I did the year pre-Treatment,
My 24 week PCR should be back soon, When I was in my specialist’s office there was a poster on her wall, it was One hundred ways to live to a hundred, I thought it was kewl, some of the things where, "keep a Positive outlook", #50 make time for your children, #51 make even more time for your grandchildren, and a couple that also stood out in my mind where-
#97 - never do anything in excess #98 - always do everything in excess, Hooooya.

Speaking of grandchildren, I took my mini-me fishing this weekend, he can wear me down faster than any other thing I do, but I love it, he is good medicine, I love THAT little boogger,

Anyway as we, or I should say I fished, I calculated that with a fishing Reel with a 6-1 gear ratio, and myself reeling as fast as I could, for every one of my casts, he could throw six large rocks, four sticks, 2 unsuspecting critters, and anything else within eyeshot that was not nailed down. he he

As We finished the super day together, fishing throwing things, getting wet, eating worms, you know- boy things, we had a fair walk back to the truck, and had to cross two barbed wire fences, I just lifted the bottom wire and let him walk under, the first, but the second had a lot of wild rose thorn bushes along the fence,

So I lifted him over the second fence, and jumped over myself, as we neared the truck, and I was double dog daring him to do something silly, we were laughing about something, and he went from my right side to my left, and to my horror, he was covered in blood, one side of his face and whole arm,

I stopped him and did a head to toe inspection, and could not find the source, as knelt and looked frantically for a wound, Brandon said "Bampa your bleeding", I looked at my wrist he pointed too, and blood was pouring out of a small vein,

We went to the truck and my large first aid box, [recommended for anyone with HCV, rubber gloves, large bandages etc,] as I bandaged myself and wash Brandon down with a bottle of water and a disinfectant, I theorized I cut my wrist on a barb on the fence, it was so sharp that I did not feel it.

My Point, - this a one of the MY MAIN REASONS, for doing treatment, having HCV, and infecting a loved one, or any person nearby, as innocently as that,
-A super day could have turned out to my worst nightmare; the thought of passing this Dragon BUG to anyone sickens me.

Get out there, but be aware.

Someday we will make this right,
One day we will win this fight.
Do not let treatment control you,
Control your treatment.
Be positive, to achieve a negative, be well all


--Get Outdoors-Enjoy Life----Neil

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