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My story @ 14 weeks
May 23, 2003
Well, any of you that have read my past post, know that I do not sugar coat this treatment! I have had many problems with blood in my urine and sores in my mouth, basicly infections. My white blood count is @ 2000 my DR said if it goes down to 1.5 he wil DC Treatment. ( RBC 3.64 Hemoglobin 11.1 and others counts that are out of range.)

I have finally caved in and filled out diability papers today, MY main porblem besides the flu systems, hair loss and infections, is lack of air which makes me dizzy and close to passing out, at work I would become very irritable and aggressive; so the DR sent me to a SHRINK he said I was exhausted mentally and sleep deprived.

For me I caught this Virus because I used drugs I feel bad for you that didn't do any thing wrong to get this!

P.S. how low can your white blood cell get before they take you off?

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