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In preparation for seeing the hep guy next week, my gp--a truly fine doc--tested my blood. We've found the ast and alt nos. are higher than ever. These numbers have been slowly increasing for years, but now the ALT is at 301--! AST is 173.
These numbers, as we know, mean not as much with hcv as people once thought, but the consistent, and now accelerating upward trend as in my case is an ominous pattern. Viral load, at two mil, is the lowest ever measured for me, proving in my one case the general principle that viral load tells us very little indeed in hep c.

I don't drink at all, quit smoking it must be almost two years ago, eat right and exercise. I take all the right alternatives, and in the right ways, and so on. After almost four decades of infection (it seems, from the historical evidence. That's right, I said 40 years).

I believe I am seeing the effects of age. There is some evidence in the research that after age 50, fibrosis MAY accelerate. I may be one case where this is happening. I am certainly past 50. That's more than you need to know.

I am gonna ask the hep guy for another biopsy. I'll know more soon, I guess.

Not a happy morning.

Rest of my blood work is swell. At least I am in no danger of heart attack while waiting for my liver to break out in acne or whatever is next.

Just thought I'd share the gloom. Thanks for listening

Well, Sean...I can sure sympathize with the gloom factor. Ya think you're doing everything right, and then....this.

Couple questions: You mentioned a hepatologist. I go to a "gastroenterologist"....should I be seeing a hepatologist? Sounds like this is a liver specialist....maybe the gastro isn't?

Secondly, the ALT/AST numbers -- is that the same as liver enzymes? Pardon my ignorance -- I have no idea what my ALT/AST numbers are, since the doc just said my enzymes were normal so I checked no further. In any event, what are the normal ranges for ALT and AST? You said yours were high....just wondering how high is high relative to the normals.

Well, if being past 50 means this thing gets worse, I'm in the same boat as you!

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