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Stage 4 fibrosis is the first stage of cirrhosis. There are stages of cirrhosis, too, so don't think this is end stage liver disease. Not by a long shot!

It is still a manageable disease and one in which, if you can tolerate it, six months of Pegasys and ribavirin is a very good idea.

Staying off the cigs is now a necessity and you have no time to waste. You cannot afford to risk further damage by smoking or postponing treatment any longer than it takes to get yourself ready.

It is vital that you make really healthy choices.

Stick around. We'll be here for you.

You are wonderful. I appreciate someone like you willing to help out others. Just had last visit with Dr. before starting TX. She wants me to get started with TX. I'm in good shape and she has detected no heart troubles. I let her know about my smoking and she said it's OK, she said it may get harder to keep off them once TX starts. She will work with me. So Friday morning I do the Riba and that evening 1st Pegasys shot. I will try to keep posting. Seems like some stop posting after starting then come back further into TX??? I guess as its known the beginning is not a cake walk.

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