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Hello everyone, I have spent the past few days reading through the messages in this forum and feel like this is the type of forum I would like to regularly visit. Here is my story. My name is Amy I am 33 years old and at stay at home mother to 4 kids ages 6,8,10, and 16.They have not been tested yet but we plan on having them all tested at some point, in the meantime we try and eat natural foods, and generally take good care of ourselves. My husband was tested 2 weeks ago and we found out last week he is NEGATIVE, this is after years of sharing razors (I cut myself shaving many times!)and being intimate during my monthly cycle. I found out last April that I had hep C. Like many of you it came as a total shock! When I was 16 I contracted what I was then told was hep B, from sharing a syringe with my brother and a friend, I went through a 3 year rebelious phase after losing my mother. Well since that phase ended in 1988 I have lived a very clean life, I WAS a moderate drinker 2-3 glasses of wine a month, with periods of a little more or a little less but nothing heavy. I was not prepared for the news and took it very hard!
Our lives were going so well. Anyway to make a long story short, I opted to not have a biopsy FOR NOW but that may change at some point, I realize the biopsy is "the only way to know what is really going on" and its the "Gold standard" and all that, but I have decided against interferon so it really makes no sense to me at this time to subject my liver to more stress. I have been on an alternative treatment and have watched my enzymes steadily drop to normal ALT 20 and AST 40, and my viral load is now down to 65,000 it started at over 200,000, I realize these numbers can fluctuate but like I said they have been going down steadily since I started the "treatment" so I will continue on with it until something better comes along, or by the grace of God the virus is gone, I wont give up hope in Gods ability to heal :-)
Anyway thats my story, I have had this virus close to 20 years and with Gods help plan on living to a ripe old age. You all seem like such a great group of people and I look forward to getting to know you all.
Oh by the way I was wondering if anyone else has suffered from iron deficiency? I know most people with hep C struggle with iron overload, the dr found it is caused by heavy menses.
well thats all for now, hope I didnt bore you all too much.


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