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Re: Sex and Hep C
Sep 14, 2003
Are there any statistics for the types of sex that increase the probability for transmission?

If a person indulges only in oral sex is the risk of transmission lower (assuming care is taken to ensure there are no STDs, menstruation, UTI, mouth, nose or throat sores)?

Is it likely that sexual acts which involve frequent agitation (and rupture/tearing) of sensitive mucous membranes would have an increased potential for risk of transmission (anal, vaginal penetration)? Is this not the reason for the prevalent outbreak of HIV among gay men?

I recently read a newspaper article from the leading hcv research doctor that indicates there are no PROVEN cases where sexual transmission was the vector for transmission from one person to another person.

Could the statistics not be based on the prevalence of sex between partners who were coinfected whereas the actual cause was by other vectors of transmission (shared razors, toothbrushes, clippers, cutlery, food prep)?

Statistics always bother me, even when the numbers are low, and based on so many unproven premises, they seem to add up to so much more.

I think there is real benefit in protecting yourself and your sexual partner from other transmissible diseases. This not only protects you from contracting another problem you don't need, but this will also eliminate the extremely low probability of transmission of hcv.

Being responsible and honest is the answer.


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