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Here's my testimony. 43 y/o male, s/w ohio area, before aih - general good health (husky big framed guy), live in a rural area raising thoroughbred horses from 1997 to present (never know. . . may find some link), married, 3 children from 16 to 10 years of age. Been on BP meds for about 6-7 years. Oh yea, sinuses most of my adult life - a curse for most living in the Ohio river valley area.

Starting the 4th qtr 2001 started loosing my energy. Pain in the a** to go to work plus my other chores at the barn twice a day. In Dec. 2002 we went to the doc attempting to diagnose my moodiness and low mental spirit as something Zoloft could take care of. About mid-Jan 2003 my wife started getting concerned of the yellow eyes. Went to doc our GP doc again, urine strip was out of control, went to hospital immediately for blood work, had the high enzyme #'s (1500 and 1600). Put me on antibotics for a week with order not to go to work. 1 week later no change in liver #'s. Went in hospital 3-4 days for testing (led by my GP doc). Throughout the "normal" test he couldn't find anything. For some reason he felt compelled to order an "ANA" test - something he's never done - this test came up positive. Shot me through the MRI and did a liver biopsy. Sent the results to University of Cincinnati and passed me onto them. I went on a prednisone regimine to get the immune system back into control, then slowley wienned off of that and ramped up on the immuran. Currently on 150 mgs of immuran (250 lb body) and been on 6 month visits ever since I think the start of 2004.

So far so good. Got a visit coming up in a month or so. The specialist doc has mentioned that, if I wanted to try it in the future, to possibly wien me off the imuran. Think he said something like about 20% sucess rate. Too early to make that decision, and if I have no sucess, could lead to more fibrosis. Also, I think he determined that my liver sustained either lever 1 or 2 damage. He's real satisfied with results, as he both speaks this and his facial gestures indicate this also. Life has gotten back to somewhat normal - don't have the energy I used to - probably 80%.

We'll I've got to run - go to work. I was compelled to do some aih surfing and came across this site. I squeezed as much as I could into a 1/2 hour of typing. ALL AIH'ers, hang in there and remember to take your vitamins - a multi and calcium. I'll come back later for more research.


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