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Once you find out you have this disease, spend time and make time to educate yourself with hepatitis C and the treatment of hepatitis C. You will then be able to converse with your doctor or specialist and feel more comfortable about the choices that you need to make, for yourself.

My story is similiar to yours. Run a business, always on the go and very healthy other than having hepatitis C. I found out 4 years ago that I have this and started my treatment, 27 weeks ago. My biopsy showed I have mild inflamation of the liver tissue, and stage one. My GI didn't railroad me at all. He told me exactly what my condition was, what treatment was available and what I may or may not face in the future with my liver being in a worse condition.

My theory with my decision to start treatment was just as simple as this. I wanted to treat with the medicines that are available (and by the way have good success rates with clearing the virus) in order to give myself a chance to get rid of this. I didn't want to wait until further down the road when I had more tissue damage and in a different stage of this disease and face this disease at a worse stage.

I feel as though if I don't give treatment a chance, I'm taking a risk of my illness (silently) getting worse and then I would always regret not treating in the early stages.

I am white female, 45 years old and genotype 1a. The genotype 1a is the trickiest to treat and duration on the hepatitis treatment meds are usuall up to 48 weeks with possible extended treatment past the 48 weeks.

After 12 weeks on the meds, my virus has cleared and in an undetectable stage. At 24 weeks, I am still undetectable. I'm moving forward with my treatment and have a very good chance to rid myself of this disease forever.

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