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Hi Amy,

The short answer is you can gain certainty through a biopsy. But, if you and your doc are convinced that you will not do this, a sonogram can at least detect the most extreme conditions--normal liver at one end, diseased, very bad liver at the other. It's not sufficiently good for determining the stages in between, which is why biopsy is so preferred. And, its of course non-invasive.

BUT, and double but, there is almost no chance you have anything at all to worry about. Your numbers are great, your background is ideal for avoiding aggravating this thing, you have no symptoms to speak of. I've made it more than 35 years with hepc with much worse numbers and mild symptoms, and I am not anywwhere near what could be called "liver disease," never mind end stage anything.

There is NO reason to suspect a worse case for you. Your self description, in fact, is reassuring.

Nonetheless, if you cannot reassure yourself (which is what it will take to reassure your children) then insist on a biopsy, or a sonogram at the least. YOur doc should not be criticized for advising that these tests do not seem needed in your case--'cause you don't present much worth worrying about and we test too much for too little reason in our system--but I doubt he'd fight you over it. Surely not over the sonogram.

Let us know how it turns out.

In the meantime, go see a movie. read a book. take your mind off your liver. Out livers are very boring, really; there is much else more worthy of obsessing over in this world.



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