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Hi my name is Tony and after reviewing this platform on this contraption, this seems to be a great way to increase everyone’s knowledge and instill the necessary prudence to attack this virus and get it gone out of our lives.
I am 47 had HCV for 25-30 years with slight symptoms
most of all of these years. I found out I had this 7 years ago and immediately started making changes in respect to diet and lifestyle. About three years ago I took some antibiotics for a tooth problem that I became very ill, bed ridden with absolutely no energy and pains that I felt were my liver was causing. I spent hours searching for some alternative help. I got Lloyd Wrights book and tried all of the products and knocked my viral load down from 600K to 100K in a few months. My Enzymes followed suit and from the high 200s to normal. I was feeling so good that I was driving down the road and screaming out loud that “ this must be what the healthy population is feeling” I could concur the world.
Then the virus mutated and within a few months the counts were back up and symptoms of sleeplessness, weak, no energy etc. was back. I don’t’ want to carry on much longer except that I have an appointment with the gastro tomorrow and I want to get this thing gone and to do that I am willing to get on the treatment. I am a 3a and about a 3mil viral load and no more patients to go the natural way. Does any one here have any positive input to support my decision? Must the ones who have symptoms feel obligated to the doctors, that have such pious and self righteous attitudes? Can we make sure they spend the time to monitor us closely to increase the chances to be successful at this scary venture? Any thoughts and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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