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Your doctor should give you such results.

What genotype you are?

This will determine the amount of time on treatment if needed at this time.
Genotype 1, is the worst one to get, the hardest to treat, also the longer one to do treatment, 48 weeks to be exact, some do more if slow responders.
Then there are the other genotypes, like 2,3,4, these are 24 weeks of treatment.

Then he should give you your viral load, the vl is the amount of little buggers in your blood.

Anything under 2 million is consider low, 5 million high, over 5 million very high.
Then whenever you have the biopsy done, the results should include the stage and grade of your liver damage, if any.

For example, my husband had no damage whatsoever, grade 0, stage 0, genotype 1a, viral load 1 million.

In my case, I had fibrosis bridging carring, stage 2, grade 2, viral load 665,000and genotype 1a.

We both did treatment for 48 weeks, and we both killed the dragon (virus of hep c).

I did Shering-Plough combo drugs, which included; pegetron/ribavirin.
My husband was on a clinical trial treatment, from Roche, he did interferon/ribavirin.

I have been cleared of the virus for over 4 years now, and my husband for over 6 years.

I hope this has shed a bit of light on your situation.

Treatment is no bed of Roses but doable.

Mckenzie, if you want to contact me, you may do so via: email :angel:

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