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Hi Kittyroo! I will try to humour you! :)

Hepatitis A a virus which is transmitted through a method doctors call "fecal-oral" transmission. Gross. Does that mean you have eat poo? often means that someone will consume something that has been tainted in some way by microscopic amounts of stool whether this is unclean drinking water or food that someone touched without washing his hands after having a bowel movement. Interestingly, Hepatitis E is also transmitted this way, and you may hear the mnemonic "vowels in the bowel"...i.e. The hepatidites which have a vowel (i.e. Hep A and E) are transmitted through fecal contaminated material.

Hepatitis B yes, is transmitted from blood-blood contact...for example sharing needles, blood transfusion with tainted product, a needlestick injury etc; however, hepatitis B can also be transmitted vertically (i.e. from mother to fetus), through breast milk and also from sexual contact.

Hepatitis C is almost exclusively a blood-blood contact disease. It is classically from blood transfusions, sharing needles and cocaine straws and needlestick injuries in healthcare workers. While there are some scanty case reports of people contracting it through sexual contact, this is the exception to the rule and is rare. So for all intents and purposes, Hep C is NOT transmitted sexually, vertically or through breast milk.

I hope that helps.

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