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[QUOTE=Kate007;3717742]Hi! I found this message board online, so I decided to join. Last week I found out I had Hepatitis C antibodies and went for a second test. Today I found out I had 2.1 million viral count. My question is, where could I have gotten it from?

Everything I read online so far doesn't really apply to me - I have never taken any drugs or gotten any tattoos. My husband and I are each other's first, and we are loyal to each other. After, sort of, eliminating these things, some of my guesses could be a hospital, or a dentist.

I am going to get more tests done next week to find out more - but I am only in my early twenties, and very scared. I don't know what to think. I drink only 2-3 times per year so I'm hoping for the best. Has anyone gotten treated for this? I read online that the side effects are horrible. But I'm willing to try anything to get rid of this... everything online has been discouraging and scary.[/QUOTE]

I have gone through TX and I now have no detectable viral load. I did TX for 6 months. I was genotype 2B. I had a lot of dental work done, and not all in the USA. It is possible, although you said you never did drugs, that the HCV can be transmitted by snorting coke, sharing the straw. Anyway that blood can be shared is how you can get it. Manicure salon, with unclean implements??
The side effects are bad. Worse for some, better for others. I NEVER had any indication of the HCV--at all. No symptoms. I found out from giving blood and getting a big fat letter back from the Red Cross. I waited a year to treat and then finally decided to get it over with, after urging from my family.
I did a shot of interferon a week and 5 pills of ribavirin a day. The shots are easy to give yourself. My white blood count plummeted and I had to add an additional shot once a week of neupogen-which causes (at least for me) bad bone pain. My viral load went down almost immediately with the TX. I was pretty good for the 1st 3 months. But the last 3 were bad. Tired, achy pain, sore mouth, no appetite. I lost 30 lbs but darn it all gained it all back.
I've had many follow up blood tests done and I remain clean. I will tell you that it's taken me about 1 year to feel totally myself again.
Do the TX--get it over with. If your doc offers anti depressants, take them. I didn't and I wish I had.
Hopefully you have a good support system. I didn't have to work if I didn't want to (lucky again)
This board is also a good form of support because we understand. So please post with other and any questions.:angel:

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