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Tell your sister to not to worry

I contacted Hep C in the military 30 years ago recently completed

Any questions let me know

In chronic hepatitis C, increases in the alanine and aspartate aminotransferases range from zero to 20 times (but usually less than five times) the upper limit of normal.

Alanine aminotransferase (ALT) levels are usually higher than aspartate aminotransferase (AST) levels, but that finding may be reversed in patients who have cirrhosis.

Alkaline phosphatase and gamma glutamyl transpeptidase are usually normal. If elevated, they may indicate cirrhosis.

Low platelet and white blood cell counts and raised levels of serum globulins (including immunoglobulins and rheumatoid factor) are frequent in patients with severe fibrosis or cirrhosis, providing clues to the presence of advanced disease.

The enzymes lactate dehydrogenase and creatine kinase are usually normal.

Albumin levels, bilirubin, and prothrombin time are normal until late-stage disease.

Iron and ferritin levels may be slightly elevated.

Her viral load should be 0 but 7.1 is 7.1 millon

Has she had any treatment?

What kind?

Type 1a, 2b

Don't let her give up she definately needs a positive

mental attitude as she attacks this beast

Make absolutely sure to drink 8oz of water every day

as well as supplementing your body with ultra milk

thistle 4 caps a day Get plenty of exercise and

sunshine. Keep your chin high and keep fighting

I have a little experience after 48 weeks of interferon

and still repairing my body after 2 years off the


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