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So far, I have been luckier than some and worst than others. A couple of weeks ago I had a couple of really bad days but they were the most debilitating to date. I have missed a total of three days of work and I feel really good about that.
List of Sides:
Morning dizziness and nausea
Rash, back, chest and torso
Sore mouth, comes and goes
Sore throat, comes and goes
Fatigue, constant
Lethargic, constant
Insomnia, I use Benadryl
Crackly neck
Hair loss, dermatologist recommended a vitamin called biotin. It seems to have slowed the loss
Dryness, mostly everywhere, yes everywhere
Injection site reactions (about a two week delay)
Shortness of breath with any activity
I had really bad brain-fog in the beginning but that is mostly gone. Maybe I have always been ditzy. Most of the sx listed above are annoying but manageable.
I sleep at least 9 hours per night, walk my dog about ˝ a mile, do Pilates 2 times a week and try to eat small frequent meals. My appetite has not been affected. LOL, I wouldn’t have minded if I lost weight! I have found that if I feel nauseated, if I eat a little something, I feel better. My mouth is sore a lot, so I have to eat things that won’t bother it or suffer the consequences.

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