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I have had them for around a month now. They look like small burns on my skin! Sometimes they itch,but not too often. My doctor told me to get Lotrimin AT to see if that helps. Some has spread over the course of the week. I don't go back to the doctor until May 12th. Has anyone else experienced these types of sores(rashes)? Any help will be appreciated.
[QUOTE=eyesworld;3973140]it's called Lichen Planus. You can search it in association with Hep C and rash. Some think it's the ribavirin that causes it and call it riba-rash. I did get some scarring on my lower arms because I scratched too much and now I use bio oil to get rid of the scarrring.[/QUOTE]

Thanks for your reply. I looked up Linchen Planus and I looked at photos of it. I don't seem to have those small bumps from it. I'm so confused with this!:confused: I will mention Linchen Planus to my doctor though. Again,thanks so much for your reply.
[QUOTE=boutthesame;3974420]I have them all over my upper body....started as a raised rash and then turned into water blisters. I was on 1200 of ribavirin a day and doc cut it back to 800 . My rash was horribly itchy and I found nothing that worked and she confirmed nothing short of prednisone would take it away as it is a drug rash. Slowly the heat is now going out of it and that is good but I am finding the itch returning again. Gawdddddddddddddddd and this is only 9 week in to 48. If you find anything that works please let me know[/QUOTE]

Thanks for you reply also. Does any of your sores look like cigarette burns by any chance? Or like grease burns? They seem to never fade. My doctor told me to use Lotrimin AT,but it doesn't seem to work. I went through 3 tubes already! My fiance bought me this ointment called(Vitamins A and D)

The uses for this ointment is for: (You can get the store brand at K-Mart for 3.99 plus tax.)

1)Helps treat and prevent diaper rash
2)Temporarily protects minor cuts,scrapes and burns
3)Temporarily protects and helps relieve chapped,chaffed or cracked skin and lips
4)Helps protect from the drying effects of wind and cold weather

Because it's greasy,I use it once a day. I am noticing that my dark marks and small sores are clearing up. I'm not recommending that it will work for your situation,but it seems to be a big improvement for me.

I will keep everyone informed about my progress.

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