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Oct 20, 2009
Hi everyone...not sure if you all remember me, but i started treatment
Jan. 09.
I have 7 more weeks left and thought I would give you all an update and let you know how treatment has affected me. I am still working full time and I have only missed 1 day of work at the beginning.
The metal taste in my mouth only lasted the first 2 months.
I started losing my hair around 3 mos. It didn't completely fall out, just got thin. I never had to wear a wig.
I got this terrible itching on my inner thighs, but cortisone cream took care of it.
The enamel on my teeth seems to be weaker, so I try not to eat hard things.
This week, my eyelids are very itchy and I seem to have little dry sores on my eyelids....doesn't seem to be noticable to others.
All in all...treatment hasn't been so bad for me. Its worth giving a try.
My VL remains at 0. My wbc & rbc is a little low, but nothing to worry about.
I try and eat healthy, but every so often I have my meltdown!
My advice....try to stay moving and drink lots of water.
Hope this helps anyone who is undecided about doing treatment. My thoughts were....if I couldn't handle it, I could always quit.
Its not as bad as I anticipated.
If anyone wants my input....i'm here for ya.
take care...gloria

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