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The reason your MD is concerned is probably the high ALT and AST numbers, which is a measure of some of the stuff the liver puts into your body. Normal numbers are under 50, your lab reults should say high and give you the norm. Those liver products are probably the reason you are experiencing the discomfort. If you stay away from alcohol (in all forms, including medicine) thst is the biggie. Read labels of everything you put in your body. Lots of frsh fruits and veggies, small amounts of red meats (fowl and fish are better). You need to see a heptologist (liver doctor) to talk about liver damage (if any). If your blood test was only for the antibodies, you need a viral load (number of virus baddies in the blood) and a genotype (there are different strains, and treatment length and sucess hinge on those two things. The current treatment sucess also is dependant on you race and sex. Some people with genotype 1 (common in USA) only have a 30% of clearing the virus with treatment today. There are drugs in trial right now that improve those chances of a 'cure'. If you live 'liver friendly' you are doing your bodie a favor. I had it 56 years before starting treatment.
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