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Thank you so much yma it really helps but I just have some things that I should share more, my boyfriend could clear things out but he remains mum about his status of having HEP B.. I pray that you're going to deliver safely your baby and how I really wish to have one too with my BF and wish be my husband..

My BF is currently 33 years old.. He does not want to get me pregnant maybe he's afraid that our baby might get infected too but my doctor told me that I could have one cause I'm protected and immune.. I am confused..I really wanted to have one with him I made a point to that to him before but he just brushed off the idea..

The Doctor told my BF to go on diet to just eat banana,grilled fish with no salt and oil , no vitamin c and sweets.. I really do not know what is his stage right now, what's his status he just wanted to die eventually cause he feels so hopeless....He had slight cough for almost a month now.. I hope someone out there could explain to me his status based from the facts I stated above so that I would understand more about the sickness and how could I can take care of him even if he is pushing me away.. I know that he loves me too he's been fighting the sickness for so long, planning to have life with me. He is very curious on what his diet,never smoke and drink alcoholic,..

When we were together instead of going to some restaurants that I love or he loved we would find a place who had grilled fish and I would order the same cause I really wanted to be with him through tough times. We usually went to a private place or less crowded place because of his situation. I do understand really.. People might say I'm crazy but that's probably how you call it when you have true love in your heart...

Sadly, Later on he just felt that I should have life better than with him, its so depressing cause I would rather be with him than anyone else...
Hi soolonely and others suffering because of hepatitis diagnosis,

I have had chronic hepatitis for 30 years due to no fault of my own. About 15 years ago a doctor actually told me to get my affairs in order due to my huge viral load, but tests show that my liver is fine. Viral load by itself does not spell doom.

I'm so sorry for what you all and your loved ones are going through. Hepatitis is one of the latest big scares. But it's very often livable. And uninfected loved ones can get the Hep A & B vaccinations. No one should pile fear on a needlessly adds stress! There is so much misinformation and fear out there, but unless one is at the very end stage liver failure and do not have a transplant option, really there is a lot of hope.

First, one needs a Hepatic (liver) specialist, not a kidney specialist. Interferon is being successfully used on chronic Hep B patients. The viral load number does not indicate whether there is actual liver damage.

What stresses the liver besides alcohol is pesticides, chemicals, smoke ([U]any kind of smoke[/U]), prescription and over the counter meds, hormones that were added to animals used for food, meat, poultry, milk, eggs, dairy products, etc.

We need to stay away from smoke, eat organic foods that have no pesticides or hormones, use soaps, etc. that are hypo allergenic, keep chemicals off our skin and don't breath fumes from anything or take chemicals internally as much as possible. Organic food is quite affordable nowadays. And a lot healthier.

Also the supplement protocol that protects the liver is Alpha Lipoic Acid, Selenium and milk Thistle. People that were dying from liver failure actually recovered using these supplements, so I use them daily and have for years.

Don't let anyone be your doomsayer.

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