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This past christmas was the first time my Dad had any reason to go to the hospital in years, he couldn't walk very well. The 1st visit to the e.r. gave him vicodin, but no answers. Jan. 3 he was admitted to a differant e.r bc he still couldn't walk well and had completely lost his appetite, he had dropped 15lbs since christmas. That is when we found out he had hep c., since then he got sepsis that was treated was put on sporanalactone and lactalose, then taken off the sporanalactone bc it was overworking his kidneys, he started swelling in his feet and stomach continued losing weight suffered from boughts of encephalothopy all which the doctors seemed to expect and be unconcerned with. When we took him in for his pre-transplant clearances (which all went very well, he got his cardiac clearance, respritory clearance, everything was looking good) they decided to remove some of the fluid from his belly, the day we went in to have it done was the same day his blood work had come back and the coordinator told us it pointed to an infection or possibly renal failure, so they admitted him, that was July 1st. After admitting him and running tests it was confirmed that he was ESRD, but as per law they had to do everything in there power to try to bring them back, they put in a permacath for dialysis. The first day of dialisys was rough as that was the same day the permacath was put in and he was very groggy and tired, the 2nd day went very well, his encephalothapy was almost non existant, his mind seemed clear and he seemed to feel better. The 3rd day went ok not as bad as the first but not as good as the 2nd. He was then diagnosed with cryogloumic vasculitis, and his feet were covered in red dots and were biopsied. the 4th day they didn't do dialysys but did do a kidnet biopsy and started him on what was supposed to be a 3 day stereroid treatment to try and bring his kidneys back. They continued doing dialysys the following day but it seemed as though it was not working his confusion continued to get worse and worse for 3 days, at one point he didn't know who my older sister was, he spit at my mother, he thought he was in stonehenge, the docs dismissed as stereroid psychosis, I told them I thought he had sepsis again. the said they were going to wean him off the stereroids which was not a 3 day treatment like we thought just a 3 day "jump start" a few day later he started talking about seeing angels and telling mom he was just tired and to let him go, then he had a pain in the right side of his chest, they brought up and xray machine and mom said the right side of his chest looked cloudy, they transferred him to the icu (he was in the transplant unit), they said they thought the fluid in his belly was infected so they put a drainage tube into his belly, the fluid looked like tea. the following day they put him on a ventalator because they said he was exerting to much energy trying to breath at this point he hadn't slept in 3 days. My mom came home that night as they wouldn't let her stay with him in icu and called to check on him and they told her that during the night they had to put in a chest tube because the pain he had felt the previous evening was a collapsed lung, they had also put in a tube thru his nose to his belly to feed more medication(broad spectrum of antibiotics until they narrowed down where the infection was), then as we were getting ready to go back to the hospital a doctor called and needed consent to do surgery as he had a hole in his intestine that was leaking into his stomache and was going to die if it was not repaired, mom consented and when we got there (20 min. drive) they had not started surgery and we were able to see him, the prior day he couldn't make eye contact his eyes just wandered as if no one was there, but that day he made eye contact and tried to speak but couldn't due to the ventalator, when the room began to fill with docs we went back to the waiting area so they could prep him for surgery, the doc came out and mom asked how he was doing he said "not good, basically he's dying" about that time they ran past us to the elevator with my dad, my mom lost it and they took us to a private waiting area. Apparantly his heart started failing before they took him to surgery, they brought him back a couple times, we told them to keep going until there was no hope, and he died within 30 mins. It was the most horrible, tragic, heartbreaking day of my life and I just don't understand what happened. He died July 15, merely 2 weeks after being told his lungs and heart were healthy, barely 7 months since he was a healthy, still working 60 year old man. What went wrong?

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