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hello Ms. Thanbey

I did a biopsy about a month ago with the following findings:

1- Interface Hepatitis(piecemeal necrosis): Mild/moderate (focal, most portal areas).

2- confluent necrosis: focal confluent necrosis.

3- Focal (spotty) lytic necrosis: one focus or less per 10X objective.

4- Portal inflamation: moderate, some portal areas.

Fibrous expansion of portal areas with marked bridging (portal to protal(P-P) as well as portal to central (P-C).


Liver needle biopsy:

Chronic active hepatitis

Histologial active index according to knodell score is:

Grading : A2+B0+C1+D2 Total: 5
Staging 3-4
Total score: 8-9

here is my question:

I have read in many places that stage 3-4 is fibrosis going on to the early stages of cirrhosis. However not many of my readings refer that much to the grading part of the biopsy. Although I am stage 3-4, my grading seems to be low. Can you tell me where do I stand as far as the hep C damage on my liver. Although I have fibrosis, am I in a better shape because of my mild grades?

Can you interpret my pathology report for me?

I have been put on combo therapy (interferon 3M/U) which I have chosen to adminsiter everyday, rather than TIW, plus 1000Mg of Ribavirin per day. Is there any harm in doing the interferon(3M Unit) everyday?

Thanks so much.


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