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Hi MJ,

Yes, your post was very helpful. Please let me know how it's going. I've heard of something similar and the herbalist was showing it to me.

I'm not a big alternative-medicine kind of guru so I won't go all postal on you but I do believe in herbs. I know that some should not be taken by certain people and in certain doses but all in all, they are not harmful.

Luckily (knock-on-wood) I'm a very healthy person--always have been. I rarely get sick but when I do I take Echinacea(sp?) for my yearly cold and it's done in a day or two. I take Dandelion once a month for bloating and it works. This is why I researched and bought the Milk Thistle. I bought the potent stuff with as less additives as I can find. It's expensive but I'm betting not as expensive as the Interferon is going to be. I believe the Milk Thistle will help the liver but not rid the hated dragon...HCV.

I asked the doctor about foods and he said the only thing is fried and processed food. So if you find out anything, please share. My husband is very thin so weight is not an issue. Funny thing is when he had his physical, he's as healthy as a horse!!! Incredible!!

My husband got his HCV from sharing a needle(intravenous drug use), one time. That's all it takes 1 time!!!! He tried it once, hated it and never did it again by then it was too late. He gets upset when he thinks about it but I told him, it's water under the bridge at this point. We have 3 children and would love to tell them, just to teach them but we don't want them to know how he got it.

98% of our friends drink. We have a large camping group and they all drink. 75% of his family drinks. I drink socially about twice per month----drinking is a toughy but he's doing really well with it considering we're always in a social crowd. His friend said "Oh, now you can start drinking, right?" I was proud of my husband when he said "No, I can never drink again" Last week while boating he cracked me up when he was offered a beer ...he said "No thanks, the doctor said it will kill me" Those of us who knew what was going on giggled but our friend who didn't know what was going on had a blank look thinking my husband is joking---he'd never turn a beer down!!!

Thanks for the reply

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