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Howdy all-
Been in our great outdoors for a couple of days -just wanted to say welcome to the forum to Sue and Crybabytoo, as you can see, great people lots of info and valued opinions.

Sue- stage two is what you said, the level of fibrosis stages 1 though 4, -4 being near/or at cirrohosis, it is the same rating for us geno-1A's 2B's etc.
Oh and hey -a boy has GOT to have his toys, he he

Crybabytoo- Did I read that correctly- that you are 64 years young? that lets Sean of the hook on being the elder, ha ha, but its sounds that you are very healthy and positive, good, I am a little confused,- you were put on treatment with no signs of fibrosis, what geno type/stage are you, and are you still on treatment.
Would like to hear a whole bunch more from you, as if you are indeed 64, you are the only one I know that has HCV in their sixties, the question of what effects does HCV have with age, has been plagueing my mind lately.
As you stated that can not find anything on treatment with people in their sixties, well that is because I believe that you are fairly rare, and that there is not enough cases of people in their sixties to document the effects of treaments.
And I also was wondering are you from Canada also, as you have stated you received HCV in 82 from a blood transfusion?

Hope to hear more from both of you--be well.

--Get Outdoors-Enjoy Life----Neil

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