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Hi Wendy--

First and foremost, don't worry. The more we are learning about hep c, the more we are realizing that it is a slow-mocing disease, often not progressing at all for most of us, very possibly not for our whole ives. For some it gets more serious, and this is what brought the virus to medical and public attention, and so the initial views of the virus were pretty scary. Then, over the years, the millions of us who are living with the virus and few or no symptoms became discovered, and we are learning that we are the majority.

So, you and the b/f will have plenty of time to learn and think and talk about hep c. Not to worry.

I've had it for more than 30 years, and the most critical test of liver damage biopsy, found only mild inflammation and fibroiss in my liver. It may well be that I will die of old age before this disease ever makes me very ill. Hope so, anyway.

As to sex and protection, well, common sense matters a good deal here. The virus is apparently POSSIBLY transmitted through sex, but reported cases are pretty rare. Most studies of couples with one partner for as long as decasdes infected show rates of infection in the other party ranging from zero to 10 percent. And, of course, the partner may have gotten the hep c elsewhere.
Nonetheless, it is safest to practice safe sex, to avoid sharing razors or toothbrushes, to NOT kiss the hep c partner's boo boos when he's bleeding.

But don't get paranoid about it. I was married twice and raised seven children before I learned I probably had hep c the entire time. Of course we did not practice protected sex. Of course my wives and I swaped razors, the kds ujsed the razors all the time as they were growing up and too lazy to get their own (yes I definitely mean the girls, too), and so on. We just didn't know any better.
They've all been tested, and all are negative. Whew. But, this gives you some reassurance, I hope.

The alcohol, as jemah says, is an easy answer to give. I can't imagine what the other doc was thinking. We don't drink with this disease. We just don't.

The thanbey hep c web page is and she lists several "favorite links." As you know about the internet it is twice as easy to get ridiculous info as it is to get the real dope, so I'd start with and i do trust her info and the links she lists there. They are very research-oriented, trying to spread the real deal, admit it when info changes our assumptions or their own advice (a key test of a truth-teller in confusing and developing field like hep c, if you ask me), and so on.

You will--you both will be okay. Trust us on this.



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