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Re: New ly dignosed
Aug 11, 2002
Emotions should get better as alittle time goes by, I did and still do the same, get a bad case of blues and feel just terrible about alot of things. Reading and absorbing all I can find out about this dragon helps over come some of these helpless feelings. I was put on Wellbutrin SR to help with the depression and suppose to help curb smoking which we all know is hard on the liver. I wish I had some magic words for you now but it will get better but hey, a type 3a is good news. Just today I made up my mind to make the calls to everyone that Im going to want till the PegaSys comes out, expecting any day now to get my number for Pegetron Treatment which consist of once a week injection and 6 pills a day. But with only a 40-50% of it working vs: 70% with the new PegaSys and the cost, Im waiting! And I also hear they may help with the co-pay which I was looking at $800.00. Thats alot of money that I may not have every month for the next 6 to 12. Today is Sunday so tomarrow I will make the calls.
Post again Valerie

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