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Firstly I would like to say I have been reading these posts for several weeks now and am impressed at the knowledge of hepc here.

My dilemna is this...Several months ago my wife and I were talking about hepatitis. I mentioned to her that 32 years ago I vaguley remember a doctor and I having a conversation regarding chronic hepatitis (one of my friends was infected with it). This a was a very long time ago and to be honest with everybody here I really can't remember a damn thing we were talking about (I was only 16 back then, now I am 49). I am assuming if the talk was serious for eg. if I was told I had cancer, lukemea, or any other fatal disease there is no way in hell I would ever forget that. Since then I have had a 1st wife with a child, and a number of sexual partners between. Absolutely everybody is living a healthy life, of this i am 100% certain. Nobody has been infected with hepatitis of any kind!

Anyways my wife and i decided to check for this disease and I went ahead and took a full hepatitis blood test, A, B and C. Within a few days i got my results and shock of all shocks i was flattened when the results came back positive for Hep C antibodys. My wife and I have been together for 15 years and have had a very stimulating sex life to say the least. We have had sex with and without condoms all this time. Anyways she flipped out which i don't blame her for one bit and took the hep test and a multitude of other tests as well. since then My doctor has checked me for liver damage and has found none. I have a very healthy liver.

A few days ago my wife got her results back and everything came back negative. I was so overjoyed with this that I started hugging her, kissing her swinging her in my arms and ready to celebrate her results when I noticed a very cold shoulder had set in. Needless to say she is terrified of me now (can't say i blame her) and our lives have become a living hell this past week.

I'm wondering if anyone could make any sense of my sitiuation regarding this matter? i am totally stumped and I see our relationship being flushed the toilet unless somthing gets done soon. I am already sleeping in the spare room bacause I don't want to frighten her any more then she already is.

Sorry for the long post and jumpimg from topic to topic so iradically. I have had very little sleep the past 2 weeks and making any kind of sense seems like an impossible task right now.

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