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Blisters on tongue
Jul 1, 2002
Hello everybody,i have a qeustion? I have been on peg-intron for 5 months and i was wondering if anybody else has had little sores on there tongue? Some times it is so sore that i can hardly eat a warm meal.these little sores are about the size of pin heads.any help would be apreciated.

Thank you all!!!
Are the sores white? Does your tongue burn? If this is the case you may have candidas or thrush. This is a common yeast infection that comes about when our immune system is being mucked with.

It is common in people who are taking antibiotics, maybe your treatment is upsetting your system? Use the words thrush and candidas in a search engine to get more info.

I had it for 6 months. The sores went away but the burning pain persisted. I had three doctors and a dentist tell me they could "see nothing" so, obviously, it was from stress or something, this is called geographic tongue.

I used an over the counter product called Gentian Violet. Its a topical treatment that turns the inside of your mouth purple. The stuff stains everything it touches but it works. The purple color eventually goes away.

If your doctor can diagnose that you have candidas than he may perscribe Nystatin. My doctor wouldn't do it cause, again, he couldn't see anything. Fortunately, the purple stuff seems to have worked.

Good luck.
yep, i get those sores myself, they hurt sometimes i cant even eat, i call them back in the old days lie pumps, my mother use to tell us that when you tell a lie you those on your tongue, but anyway mine come an goes, i been on the peg tx also for about 5 months, and i been experiencing a lot of oral problems, so i guess its the sides from the peg tx,so the dr told me theres nothing he could do for me. or my dentist, so i just bear with it.

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