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Re: Val here
Apr 6, 2002
Well, it looks like it worked, I guess. Thanks again everyone for the valuable info. I just recently went onto, I didn't realize about your connection Teresa! It sounds great, and I am going to look into it. I wrote a letter about this before, so forgive me if I am repeating myself, but I am not sure if it posted somewhere. I was saying that, now that I am coming to terms (somewhat) with my diagnosis, I am becoming increasingly worried about my kids having it, especially my youngest one. We have shared so much, like I was thinking about all the camping trips, vacations, where we shared soap, maybe even toothbrushes if she forgot hers, who knows, I don't even remember, I just know that I probably wouldn't have given that a second thought. There was this other thing we always used to do, where she would get this huge gumball that she couldn't bite into, and I would bite it in half for her, and give the two pieces back to her to chew. The problem is, I have sort of a problem with my teeth, where my gums bleed really easily, and I suppose there could have been some on there. If I had known that, I wouldn't have given it to her, but it might have just been a little so I couldn't tell. My brother said that he didn't think you could get it from swallowing a tiny bit of blood, that would go into your stomach, and not really into your bloodstream, what do you think? I guess they are saying that it has to get into you through a broken spot if some sort. I know that I probably won't rest until she and the others get tested, it's just so hard to imagine having to deal with my health, and trying to help her too. This has been the strangest week, my Dad is in the hospital with a heart problem, and he has never had problems before at all, and I was going to fly out to see him (he's in Reno) but my little girl is really upset at the prospect of me leaving, and with recent events with me, obviously that makes it more painful for me to leave. I want to go see my Dad, but it's so hard to see her cry right now. Her life seems so different already. But, anyway, I was just thinking that it seems like if I got it so easy, it would be a miracle if she didn't have it since we breastfed for so long, and just maintained a very close contact, living together and sharing food on forks, etc., just hundreds of times. Anyway, thanks again, I know I am driving you guys crazy, thanks for putting up with me!! By the way, the doc said something about my titer being low, which seems like it would be good news, but then he said that could mean other things too, and he mentioned something about burning out or something. He said my enzymes are mildly elevated. I heard these numbers don't mean too much, though. Hopefully with that, though, and that fact that I don't feel bad, might mean something. I was wondering, reading Naomi Judd's thing, why she was sooo sick. She said she couldn't get out of bed. And, now she is supposedly free of the virus she says. To be so sick, she must have had some liver damage, right? She only had it for less than 10 years I think, if that. So, they can't really tell what progression your disease will have, right? And, if it progresses fast, there is still no cure. But, you guys were saying that it mostly progresses fast in people that don't know they have it and continue to smoke, drink?? Sorry to be repeating myself, I am just still trying to see if I'm getting this right. I talk to relatives on the phone, etc., that tell me how serious it is, and to be sure my doctor has good successes with transplants, but then I come on here, and it makes me feel like it's just not that big of a deal, at least yet. Although I am 42, and I guess if we are going to do something, we should do it while I'm fairly young. Thanks again for listening, I really really really appreciate it!!!!!!!!!!! Val

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