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Re: First Timer
Jul 18, 2002
Hi Glenn--

Well, I'm ususally in theposition of telling people who are headed fast as possible for treatment to slow down, what's the rush. I'm not a big fan of this difficult med for most hpe c'ers (have not decided to treat my own case, for example. not yet, anyway)

BUT, there's a chance you are at a stage ofliver disease that it would be worth looking into the newer forms of ifn now avaiable. pegylated interferons and or consensus ifn are both worth considering as possibly--emphasizing possibly, not certianly--having different side effect profiles than what you were treated with first time around.

I thnk its worth considering, at least.

Certainly Pegasys--not yet approved for most cases--has been found to have some marked effect for people who have reached the stage of cirrhosis (which is what stage four is).

Just worth considering--all these decisions are so individual. I just think they know more now than they did then, and the meds are a bit better, and most important WE know more about managing the experience than we did then (see the other post for info on the combo guide from a to z), and so on.

up to you, of course.

good luck


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