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Re: Diet
Apr 8, 2002
Yes,Itchy! There are alot of vitamins & foods that you need and also foods you need to avoid with hep c.I had posted a few weeks ago Health tips for hep c,It is still here please take a look at it! Now there are people in here who seem to think you dont need a strick diet with hep c ,But it is SO VERY IMPORTANT! I cant stress that enough!Now,I personally have refused combo therapy & am treating myself sucessfully with herbs & vitamins.And once again there are alot of people in here that dont beleive in my treatment,It is just lack of knowledge is all.I can tell you I just got tested for my viral load a few days ago ,I wont know the results for a few more days,But my ALT has dropped dramatically to 33 and my AST is 27.Which is in normal range I cannot tell you how good that feels! When I get my other numbers back I will post it!Leo-girl is doing alternative also,Her alt's&ast have dropped dramatically also!So if you are interested I can help you with what you need to take,But there are people in here that will tell you they have never heard of anyone curing themselves with herbs&vitamins,But guess what? the chinese,japanese,Indians etc.have been doing it for years& I am living proof it works!So if you have any questions I would love to help.Whatever you decide ,just stay positive,keep yourself healthy !Most important do ALOT of research there is so much information out there that can help !Good Luck!Shyan

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