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Re: Diet
Apr 10, 2002
Just as you are feeling that everyone is down on herbs and vitamins, I am feeling that so many of you are against meds to treat.

Have you had a biopsy yet? From what I understand, this is the only test to really show how much damage has already been done. It may have shown that you have little or no damage. If my husband's biopsy reported a 1 or 2, for example, I can guarantee you he would not be on treatment right now. We would have felt he had some time to try different combinations of herbs and vitamins. But, with a biopsy showing 3-4 for inflammation and a 3 for scarring, we came to the decision that we should not experiment with herbs and opted for the Pegintron.

Life is a gamble. We talked about the fact that maybe things would not move to another stage for 10-20 years. Maybe by then, they will have meds that show proof of much higher success rates. But the fear is that, if we didn't try this, what if the scarring moved much quicker. Cirrosis and liver cancer is something we'd like to avoid obviously. There are no proven stats to show for herbals. We at least have some definite proof of the meds getting that viral count to 0. Yes, it may reoccur, but we made the decision to try it. If the meds make the quality of his life so debilitated, then we would stop. Our hope is that the meds will bring the load down (even for a while) to give his liver a chance to rejuvenate healthy cells and prevent further damage occurring as quickly, even if the virus is not completely eradicated. Our doctor has told us only to take a multivitamin w/o iron and vitamin E. He said milk thistle would not hurt, may help with fatigue, but would not be advantageous beyond that.

Everyone has to do what is right for them in their own situation. With the damage my husband has right now, we can't take the chance of experimenting. Believe me, we would have liked to try it for a few years.

Please don't make us and everyone out there on meds feel that they are doing the wrong thing. You are right - you have to have faith and hope and believe in what you are doing. Everyone has to decide for themselves what is right for them. I truly wish you well with your regimen.

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